December 8, 2009

I'm sure there's a better way to do this

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  1. This is awesome I really admire a man who would go to such lengths for the woman he loves.

  2. i am only commenting on this one because i dont want to comment on every single one, but:

    I almost died laughing at these, it cracks me up to realize that some people know so little and can be such complete DUMB ASSES! if thesepeople have ever open up a fucking book at least once in their lives, im pretty sure they would not have these questions.....

    I also think it is utterly hilarious to notice that in some questions, there is a MAJOR spelling mistake, and the person who answers makes the exact same fucking mistake....

    our modern society needs help.... let's all just hope the dumb asses dont take over our population...

  3. Ok wow. And u really think ur gf wants to eat penis blood? Really?!

  4. @Anna:

    Yeah. Thats almost worse than going down on her when she's on her period.