January 5, 2010

What makes you think that you will wake up?

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  1. oh get over yourself everyone has problems

  2. My mother used to starve me for a week at a time and then feed me too much so I throw up and then she'd make me eat that because I wasn't good enough to waste food. I have over sixty to-the-bone scars from when she used to beat me and snap my bones in half. I slept outside in the winter, was sold as a sex slave to her druggie friends so she could pay rent and a multitude of other things that I am still trying to recover from, five years later.
    If your parents are like that you need to call the cops and get to a safe place.
    If they just yell at you and ground you and shit, get over it.
    A good way to monitor it is: Have you ever gone hungry? Do you have any scars from them? Is there a roof over your head?
    If so, you should be okay.
    I don't know your situation but I think you'll be just fine. Hospitalizing yourself isn't neccessary or intelligent.

  3. Cut yourself. Trust me it feels good and if you like blood like I do it is twice the fun! X)

  4. okay cutting yourself probably not the best idea..

  5. Darlin, some people don't have any parents. I'm sure your parents love you, try expressing how you feel to them. And if they are really hurting you then yes, call the police on them. But Don't resort to hurting yourself cuz that won't do you any good, it will just cause you to hurt more. Turn to Jesus, thats what I say. He is the prince of peace and able to heal our hearts and work out our hard situations. :)

  6. well, i wudn't agree with the "coma thing but if u really feel they are taking u for granted, "disappear" for a bit.

    My father used to sexually abuse me, he wud cum into my room at night n gag me in my sleep before raping me n then threatening me, my mother was useless as he beat her n my brother never knew as he was always ill n in hospital.
    when it got too much i "disappeared", i went to my uncles while he was on vacation and didn't come back till the police found me, at which point my father was dead anyway.
    he killed himself because of the guilt of what he had done/become.

    Even though i hated him till the day he died, i wud hate for u to do sumink stupid like ur sugguesting only for sumink to happen to ur parents, you'd then lose ur chance to explain n say wot u want them to hear.

    think about wot u want to achieve before u act on this, i wish i had!

  7. find help from someone. school psychologist? a friend? some faith-based help centre? There are a lot of options out there and if you're serious about wanting to change the situation, go and look at your options.
    If you just want to avenge yourself on them and make them hurt like you think you're hurting - DON'T. full stop. There are other options. find them.

  8. maybe this person should just kill them selfs and get it over with who knows maybe they will go on a rampage then you ask after the rampage why di you do it "CAUSE MY PARENTS TAKE ME FOR GRANTED" your a bit emo buddy just handle it leave a note to your parents so they know why you offed your self and call it even ;P

  9. jesus! ok seriously kid dont run away, cut yourself, or commit suicide. Get some help if you really need it, clearly yahoo answers not the best idea.

  10. You runinto a brick wall. Really, really hard.

  11. i think its sick how people are commenting on this...when you're supposed to be saying how much of a self-centered TWAT this kid is

  12. putting yurself in a coma is sick and weird.
    parents can take you for granted, as they look after you. you take them for granted because their your parents.

    hospitilizing your self is stupid and selfish bcus they 'take you for granted'
    of they die or something, you'd regret being a total tosser.
    i watched my dad get crushed to death in a car accident. i regret being a dick now.
    dont b so fucking stupid. your parents will love you

  13. cheer up emo kid :D