January 5, 2010

Fix your grammar... and your ***** head

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  1. No.
    1. Sperm die pretty quickly and even then, you're asking them to do a lot of swimming...they pretty much need to be shot into your uterus.
    2. You'll get infections due to whatever else may be in your trash can.
    3. You should probably talk to your boyfriend if you want to get pregnant with his kid, he has a right to know.
    4. Please don't reproduce until you learn to speak correctly. We don't need even more illiterate children running around.
    5. I'm eleven weeks pregnant and it's absolute hell. Make sure you are completely ready for the pregnancy as well as the child itself. You don't sound like you're in a commited relationship and that's not really something you want to bring a child into. Every kid deserves to be born into a healthy, loving and secure home and from your question alone I can tell that that probably wouldn't be the case. That's not fair on the kid or it's father.
    Please reconsider.

  2. sounds liek good advise. however i really doubt she will come on this site and read it

  3. omg... I hate being female because of dumb bitches like this.... wow.

  4. Errrrr somehow I don't think the poster is female

  5. In fact I don't think it's a vertebrate , just some poor lonely turd in need of attention

  6. Blood On The Dancefloor [ ♥ ] - On Y!A!!!!!January 19, 2010 at 10:47 AM

    ^^ Darn Tootin.

  7. I'm still not sure this person knows which hole to put it in anyway.

  8. lol owned
    she is... such a retard